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Net Metering NEM is the system PG E uses to credit you for solar production NEM is based on the amount of energy your system produces relative to the amount of electricity your consumes Your account receives a True Up once a year but you are sent monthly reports that offer a

Projects California High Voltage Electrical Contractors

Metering Section with provisions for PG E meters PT s and CT s provided installed by PG E Medium Voltage Wire Replacement Project Description of work About National High Voltage Services Inc National High Voltage Services Inc NHVSinc is a specialized High Voltage contractor with an emphasis on HV Underground Cabling

Gas Meter Gas Pipe Clearance Distance Codes Specifications

Gas meter gas pipe clearance distances this article provides a detailed table of example clearance distance specifications for natural gas meter installations giving the distances to various building features such as windows doors electrical components vents air conditioners and outside hose bibs Gas service line trench features are also described

Residential metering selector tool

Meter mounting equipment meter breakers group metering Residential metering selector tool Eaton s mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services

DRAFT California

This agreement between PG E and TBC is a limited exception to the existing E 19P Medium General Demand Metered TOU Service primary voltage class tariff and does not replace any portion of the tariff The agreement addresses TBC s payment to PG E for unmetered electricity PG E and TBC agree to apply the retail E 19T Medium

Power metering and power monitoring equipment and software

From the moment power enters your facility to the instant it is used by a process tenant or equipment Eaton s complete family of industry leading power management products metering devices protective relays communications hardware and software will monitor analyze measure and control


SECTION 33 71 73 ELECTRICAL UTILITY SERVICES PART 1 GENERAL 1 1 REFERENCES A American Association of State Highway Officials AASHO 1 Standard Specifications Medium Voltage Power Cable 4 Section 33 71 49 23 Primary voltage Cable Installation 5 Section 33 71 83 600 200 Ampere Loadbreak Separable Connectors Metering Panel wire

Relay Protection Electrical Technician Hydro GC IBEW

Company Pacific Gas and Electric Company PG E a subsidiary of PG E Corporation NYSE PCG is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric companies in the United States Based in San Francisco our 24 000 employees deliver safe reliable affordable and clean energy to nearly 16 million people throughout our Northern and Central California service area stretching from Eureka to

VNM joint IOUs presentation

An Overview Matt Imel Sr Tariff Specialist PG E December 8 2011 Service Delivery Point For purposes of the General Market Virtual Net Metering tariff the Service Delivery Point SDP identifies the physical location at which the Generating Account and its designated Benefitting Accounts and the eligible generating facility are all connected with the IOUs Delivery Facilities

EV Fleet Program

PG E finalizes TTM design 8 PG E FINAL DESIGN PG E activates your service once inspections are complete 13 PG E TURNS ON SERVICE 14 CUSTOMER BTM CONSTRUCTION 9 10 11 Construct electrical infrastructure behind the utility meter Install EVSE charging equipment Complete municipal inspection s 9 10 11 PG E ISSUES QUALIFYING REBATES 15

Electric Service Requirements

Designation that metering equipment meets the requirements of the member utilities developed to promote safe and uniform electric service equipment requirements 3 5 Medium Voltage voltages of 4 kV 12 kV or 21 kV phase to phase 3 6 Utility Service Meter The meter located in a

Section 5 Meters and Service Entrance Equipment

Section 5 Meters and Service Entrance Equipment ElEctrical SErvicE rEquirEmEntS New 10 90 Revised 06 27 2016 Page 5 5 Figure 5 1 3 Instrument metered service equipment 201 to 800 amps The sequence of service equipment for services metered with current transformers and or potential transformers shall be instrument transformers with associated

Medium Voltage products solutions and services ABB

Medium Voltage products solutions and services ABB provides a full range of medium voltage solutions for the utility industrial and commercial customers with safe reliable and smart technologies for the distribution of electricity

Line to Ground Voltage Monitoring on Ungrounded and

This recorded line to ground voltage data can be manipulated using a host of data analysis tools to evaluate insulation stress on power system components However ungrounded and impedance grounded systems have specific issues that impact proper application of metering equipment Voltage transformers are especially prone to misapplication

Fire Pump Installs

service equipment ahead of the main on taps provided by the manufacturer is acceptable less than 600 volts When the fire pump feeder is connected to a building normal power metering enclosure it shall be connected in a compartment completely separate from the metering equipment and the building normal power disconnecting means

Protection and Control Redundancy Considerations in Medium

By Mohammad Vaziri PG E with Bogdan Kasztenny and Rich Extra high voltage transmission and sub transmission backbones provide for multiple power flow paths to increase availability of power supply and to facilitate work on the primary equipment while maintaining service

Facility Design Guidelines

Equipment Application Medium Voltage Transformers Indoor Dry Type Medium Voltage Transformers Outdoor Oil Filled Pad Mounted Medium Voltage Transformers Utility Metering Electricity Metering at Service Entrance Sub metering Levels Diesel Generator Requirements Life Safety Transfer Switch Approved Generator Manufacturers


THE DESIGN OF PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY S COMMERCIAL END USE METERING PROJECT Michael Baker BR Associates and PG E s Commercial End Use Metering Project is a new effort In 1987 a to the completion of the research design a request for proposals based on the design was issued by PG E which sought the services of an 10 31


installation of a main disconnect ahead of the metering equipment Cold Meter Sequence is used for certain Network services 277 480 Volt self contained service and for service exceeding 600 Volts The metering equipment is installed on the load side of the customer s main disconnect e Service

PG E Pilot Project Takes Smart Grid Technology to the Next

Jan 20 2015 · PG E recently received CPUC permission to start the second phase of a multi year smart grid pilot project that seeks to reduce customer energy usage and losses along electric lines lower customer bills support the continued adoption of rooftop solar and spare the environment Those benefits are a lot sexier than the geeky name of the technology voltage and reactive power optimization

Greenbook Manual Online

TD 027911B 004 PG E Metering and Service Connections For Non PG E Owned Steel Streetlight Poles With Antenna and Communication Equipment PDF 1 2 TD 027911B 005 PG E Electric Service and Metering For Communication Company Equipment and Antennas on Non PG E Wood Poles PDF 473 KB 5 4 2 Meter Cabinet Enclosure Clearances PDF 3 3


2017 ii The PG E Electric and Gas Service Requirements Greenbook is updated and published yearly The 2017−2018 Greenbook supersedes all previous editions and revisions and the requirements here in are effective until a new revision is released the following year Notice This Manual Is Subject to Change

Advanced recloser protection and control RER620 Grid

Medium Voltage Products Distribution Automation products and solutions and voltage metering and protection Scope 620 series 1 2 Advanced Recloser Protection and Control PG E 2179 Protocol Point List Manual English pdf Manual 620 series 1 1 Advanced Recloser Protection and Control PG E 2179 Communication Protocol Manual

Metering Meter mounting distribution equipment

Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of quality meter mounting equipment in the United States and continue to drive innovation through new product engineering and services Within this catalog you will find the following products to support residental and commercial metering applications Single Meter Sockets Meter Mains and

PG E Research Leads to Better Protection for Workers from

Jun 20 2012 · PG E Research Leads to Better Protection for Workers from Arc Flashes PG E s meter department to donate 100 480 volt meters and began simulating arc flashes in the Applied Technology Services outdoor lab in San Ramon The research partners extended their tests to medium voltage equipment after an arc flash incident involving a PG E

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Low Voltage Transformers Learn More Switchgear to provide an additional switchgear equipment choice for implementing underground distribution systems Learn More What s Happening at Federal Pacific News and Stories featuring our company KW Associates and Federal Pacific KW Associates and Federal Pacific are in Northern Michigan

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